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“Make it robust, make it relevant, keep it simple.”

About Health Wizard at Work

The Development of an Innovative Solution

Health Wizard at Work recognises that traditional health test methods and systems are no longer practical for many organisations.

These methods and systems fail to offer the flexibility and convenience needed by businesses who want a low-cost easy solution that fits in with how they work, wherever this may be.

So the Health Wizard at Work team created a new solution that enables high-quality Health and Safety compliant hearing test and other surveillance tests to be completed by anyone anywhere that has an internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G coverage.

Self-contained in a neat, sturdy and lightweight case, the Health Wizard at Work system is already revolutionising on-site hearing tests and is now used by a wide range of businesses across sectors including manufacturing, food processing, horticulture, construction, facilities, logistics and transport, printing, music and entertainment, hospitality and more.

It’s flexibility and convenience means that any business with staff in any location can now offer their employees quick and easy user-operated hearing tests that enable them to fully meet their hearing monitoring Occupational Health, Health and Safety, and insurance requirements. All in virtually any language.

“Initially, we set out to create a portable self-contained hearing test solution that enabled businesses to test the hearing health of their staff easily and in way that fitted in with how they work.  Customers quickly asked us to take the same approach to other health tests in the workplace. The Health Wizard at Work system does exactly that and is revolutionising how employers provide high quality HSE compliant hearing tests and other surveillance checks for their staff.”

Meet the Team

Tom Parker, MEng, MBA

Founder Director

Tom has been active in the UK hearing and audiology industry since 2006, most recently as Operations Director for a leading domiciliary hearing aid retailer and as Managing Director of the UK’s original distributor to the audiology profession.

A degree-qualified mechanical engineer, Tom’s breadth of experience includes commercial, marketing and project roles in the UK MoD, consumer electronics and for the UK’s first retail Internet TV offering, back in the early 2000’s. 

Tom completed his MBA in 2007, specialising in innovation and marketing. He continues to consult, innovate and devise products for a variety of – mainly audio and lifestyle related – applications.


Samantha Hunt

Office Manager

Developed during a career in software implementation and change management with Honeywell Bull, and now as Health Wizard at Work Office Manager, Sam’s superpower (being fantastic on the telephone and having time for anyone) is in regular use with our clients. 

Being the organised sort, Sam also knows what needs to be where, when and for whom.

When she is not in the office, Sam can be found somewhere near a horse or charity endeavour.

Dr Philip McCrea

Director of Occupational Health

Philip has 36 years’ experience working in occupational health, has been a consultant in occupational medicine to over 1,000 corporate clients and continues to provide clinical OH services.

Recognition of his expertise and standing is widespread, underlined by his association with some of the UK’s leading Occupational Health companies and by his demand as a professional witness. Philip’s appearances in 168 industrial tribunals and court appearances is a record unmatched by any other occupational health practitioner in the UK

As an accredited specialist in OH, with a background in service innovation and entrepreneurship, Phil is passionate about creating better outcomes and service availability for everyone, while ensuring all services are driven by an evidence-based and quality approach encompassing a robust clinical governance framework.

Outside of work, Philip enjoys golfing and culinary pursuits. His volunteer work with Mary’s Meals contributes to opening schools in Africa. 

Dean Mortimer


Dean is a Director with over 30 years’ experience working in the Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Mental Health sectors.

More specifically, Dean has built a number of highly successful Occupational Health and wellbeing businesses which have benefited from his unique insights into mental wellbeing and human behaviour.

He has also spent time in Australia working with remote communities building innovative training programmes specialising in disability mental health and Aboriginal communities.

Adam Starkey


Adam Starkey is a British innovator, founder, and Executive Chair of Green Gourmet, an award-winning food company.

His passion for healthy eating and well-being has transformed numerous UK businesses.

As a futurist and coach, he helps individuals and businesses embrace change and realize their dreams.

Chris Roe


Chris Roe has over 30 years of consulting experience advising and facilitating business strategy and challenges across multiple industry sectors, with a focus on Health and Life Sciences; energy, technology, manufacturing, communications and consumer goods.

Specialising in corporate strategy, portfolio management; strategies for new businesses; business models; risk assessment and management and market entry strategies, clients include Bayer, Pfizer, Novartis, the UN, Maersk, and AB InBev.

Chris holds a BSc in Management Science from the Manchester Business School, plus the Executive Leadership Programme at IMD, Switzerland.

About Health Wizard at Work

Frustrated that getting a decent hearing test is a major barrier to hearing health awareness – especially in the workplace, Health Wizard at Work’s founder co-founded  the world’s first user-operated calibrated hearing test and surveillance audiometry solution for the workplace in 2018.

Health Wizard at Work is the next generation platform, advancing the original concept to the next level with an all-new software stack, more robust online delivery and security, adaptive reporting and as many languages as you can throw a stick at.

Starting with Hearing Wizard - the most advanced way to make hearing screening more accessible - Health Wizard at Work offers occupational health, health and safety, HR and general managers more tests and a simpler way to collect health data from any cohort of people, anywhere, at any time of day, in any language.

Health Wizard at Work testing is accurate, fully audited and followed up instantaneously with results and advice. Users test themselves in any suitably quiet environment, improving access to screening, whilst also reducing disruption and opportunity costs associated with taking staff off task.

Health Wizard at Work is a Pay As You Go service, priced per test or per period, offering flexibility and control without CAPEX, on-costs or responsibility.

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Our Mission

This body is the only one we’ve got and “complexity” has been an excuse for not checking our health at work for too long.

Which is a shame, when happiness, productivity and health are interlinked.

They are also built on the empowerment that comes from understanding and information. And because everyone needs to be their best selves throughout a longer life and more careers than ever, health tests and surveillance are more important for more people than ever.

We want everyone who needs health test at work to have one. Health Wizard at Work  means quality, standardised health tests can be conducted by anyone, anywhere, at any time of day.

We say this a lot, because this is what we offer.