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RWE Generation UK

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RWE Generation UK

Sector: Utilities – Power Generation
Type: Multinational Organisation
Location: East Anglia & Scotland, UK
Size: c. 200, Sites of 4-40 staff
Outcome: Client OH team  provide cost-effective hearing surveillance to dispersed teams in UK


HealthWizard Handsets

Operating Sites



Carbon Saving (est)

The touchscreen handsets have been deployed to the sites and are paying dividends to support the welfare of our operations teams.

“HealthWizard offered a fantastic service and we are very pleased with the results.”


Jill Morrell

Senior Occupational Health Nurse – Specialist Practitioner, RWE Generation UK


RWE approached HealthWizard for information on how HealthWizard would help in being able to carry out audios as part of the health surveillance programme to small and remote sites across the UK

RWE Power generation and HealthWizard Hearing Tests

The Client

RWE AG is a German multinational energy company headquartered in Essen. It generates and trades electricity across the globe and is one the world’s leading renewable energy companies. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, RWE Group was ranked as the 297th largest public company in the world.

RWE operates a comprehensive Occupational Health system, which includes a full suite of health surveillance checks managed and delivered by a central OH team of experienced professionals.

The Back Story

RWE’s OH team contacted HealthWizard to discuss using their equipment as a solution to carry out surveillance audiometry at smaller and remote sites where staff had been identified as requiring health surveillance, but RWE were unable to site an audio booth.  They required a system  that allowed them to conduct  a proper hearing screening test to UK HSE guidelines.

Why RWE Chose HealthWizard

HealthWizard have a number of packages that were assessed in the context of RWE’s needs, so that the Occupational Health professionals at RWE  could select the solution that would work for them. They were then able to trial it at no risk.

RWE chose HealthWizard as their hearing surveillance supplier for specialist locations because although bigger sites have audio testing facilities on site, the smaller sites do not have room for an audio booth, and staff work in remote areas away from the office.  They required a system that allowed them to conduct   a proper hearing screening test to UK HSE guidelines.

The flexibility that HealthWizard provides to the smaller more remote sites means that HealthWizard offer 24/7 availability over extended periods to ensure staff have access to the hearing tests they need, within the timescales  set by RWE and to a sensible budget.

Just as importantly, HealthWizard provides the full surveillance audiology service: the telehealth technology and referral process means that every test is reviewed by the HealthWizard team, who also write the management summary report, as well as providing dedicated support to RWE’s co-ordinator on site.

HealthWizard also integrates with RWE’s Occupational health escalation/ referral process already in place, minimising requirements for process review or update.

The HealthWizard Solution & What Happened Next?

RWE Occupational Health team engaged with HealthWizard and assessed our suitability for the task in hand. We organised a short trial, involving the RWE OH team.  The HealthWizard trial focussed both on the results of the HealthWizard hearing tests, and on the usability for staff using the touchscreen handset.

Having passed the robust technical evaluation RWE conducted a budgetary review before confirming their order to rent HealthWizard on a site-by-site basis.

After familiarisation training, RWE has established a flexible testing routine that means staff are getting the hearing tests they need without disruption and with significantly less organisational burden. In line with this, HealthWizard and RWE are in dialogue to address individual cases and referrals promptly and effectively.


The health and safety of all of our employees is of the upmost importance to RWE.

To support health surveillance of our staff at more remote locations and especially during COVID restrictions we needed an accurate and effective method for hearing screening tests.“  Jill Morrell, Senior Occupational Health Nurse, RWE


RWE have initiated a program to test everyone’s hearing on a regular basis, no matter where they are based, saving time and money.

    ”Working with HealthWizard directly we were able to establish the correct process that suits our business needs.“

    Jill Morell,  Senior Occupational Health Nurse, RWE


    ”Working with RWE is friendly, organised and highly effective. We are really pleased to be able to bring this vital service to staff working remotely or at home”

    Tom Parker, Director, HealthWizard

    HealthWizard can be provided direct by HealthWizard or through your existing Occupational Health or PPE services provider.

    We tested staff at small, dispersed sites around the UK

    We helped staff spend more time on the job and less time testing

    We test at any time, without disrupting shifts or nightwork

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    About Health Wizard at Work

    Frustrated that getting a decent hearing test is a major barrier to hearing health awareness – especially in the workplace, Health Wizard at Work’s founder co-founded  the world’s first user-operated calibrated hearing test and surveillance audiometry solution for the workplace in 2018.

    Health Wizard at Work is the next generation platform, advancing the original concept to the next level with an all-new software stack, more robust online delivery and security, adaptive reporting and as many languages as you can throw a stick at.

    Starting with Hearing Wizard - the most advanced way to make hearing screening more accessible - Health Wizard at Work offers occupational health, health and safety, HR and general managers more tests and a simpler way to collect health data from any cohort of people, anywhere, at any time of day, in any language.

    Health Wizard at Work testing is accurate, fully audited and followed up instantaneously with results and advice. Users test themselves in any suitably quiet environment, improving access to screening, whilst also reducing disruption and opportunity costs associated with taking staff off task.

    Health Wizard at Work is a Pay As You Go service, priced per test or per period, offering flexibility and control without CAPEX, on-costs or responsibility.

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    WorkScreen Ltd has stopped trading and is in the process of being dissolved. The shareholders have gone their separate ways and are involved in new ventures. The technology used by the parties in their respective ventures is entirely different.