How to use Health Wizard at Work to Support In-House Occupational Health Testing

Jun 11, 2024 | 0 comments

Health Wizard at Work’s user-administered workplace health surveillance tests are designed to make testing easy. For anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Employees simply collect a test handset and take the relevant health test at a time convenient to them.  Our tablet-based  handset automates tests ensuring every test is consistently high quality, and – in what we think is the correct (wo)man/machine combination – every test is reviewed in person, before personal results are issued.

This easy and efficient method works brilliantly for many of our clients, particularly for SMEs who may not have a comprehensive occupational health or health and safety team to administer or oversee testing.

What if My Company is a Bit Bigger?

However, some Health Wizard at Work clients who could do their own surveillance monitoring in-house choose to work with our system. This improves their productivity gathering data, so that their in-house OH/H&S team can provide higher levels of personal support and better outcomes. While we provide face to face training for all our customers, there are some benefits to the combined “OH plus Health Wizard at Work” approach:

  • Automated data gathering saves time, hassle and administrative burden for everyone
  • All staff can be offered tests to the same high standards.
  • Saving valuable time conducting tests frees up time for important tasks like developing culture/behaviour change, delivering complex tests or spending more time supporting colleagues
  • Delivering testing through your consistent in-house OH, supports long term care and support for staff as unique individuals and colleagues
  • The OH/H&S team can support staff with test results/referrals
  • Since Health Wizard is administering the tests, your OH/H&S team does not need to contain testing specialists

Health Wizard at Work for all Sizes and Shapes

Because every organisation is different, we offer different Service Plans to meet the varying needs of our clients, from “On Demand” which suits our SME clients (rent a handset for a specific number of health tests on specific dates) through to our “Contract” arrangement where you keep a dedicated Health Wizard at Work handset and software on site to provide health tests throughout the year.  This arrangement works well for larger SMEs and multi-site companies whose OH, H&S or HR departments use our system to gather health data without reducing the personal touch or using up vital human capacity in the team. There is even a PAYG option, for yet more flexibility.

Whatever your organisational need or experience with health surveillance, contact us to find the best occupational health testing solution for your business.